Harbinger of Flame

Go on, lead on to the fire,
said the traveler on the way,
eyes enkindled with the unforeseen hope,
For the icy wind blows hard
and the chill cuts to the bones;
So onward to the warmth.

Come in, come quick to the fire,
boomed the watchman at the wall
his shining helm ablaze in fading light,
In fire is security
but abroad the bandits roam;
Come, hasten, to the light.

Come in and go to the fire,
answered the warden at the gate
with lantern rais’d to see the shrouded face,
For your face seems honest, though scarred,
tired, and hungry from the road;
Go then and share a meal.

Come, let us go to the fire,
sang the minstrel in the square
his sparkl’ng strings dance with his merry eyes,
Go in, for your sleet-soaked wrapping to dry,
and your sad heart to merry make;
Come in to the fire’s joy.

Come further in, come unto the fire,
cried out the white-robed herald in the street
his flaming golden torch held high aloft,
For by the fire are friends and brothers
and tales of adventure and all things good;
Come then and partake of the fire’s truth.

Come on, come in, to the fire,
smiled the tavern keeper’s wife
while drawing water from the well,
her infant causing her strife,
For you seem just dead on your feet.
Come share the fire’s life.

Come in, come in, to the fire
beamed the innkeeper at the door
For my house is overflowing
with food and with drink in great store.
Here, take your rest for a while
before going to seek out more
travelers and pilgrims and beggars
to find what you found here before;
Join the heralds of the fire.

Come here, come sit with me by the fire
cooed the master’s most favor’d little girl
For to sit for a spell by the fire
brings you refreshment more precious than pearl
In the life-giving light of the fire
your dreams of love and your hopes all unfurl.
All you need you can find in the fire;
Come be simple and pure as a child.

Come in, yes, come into the fire,
roar the bright souls ablaze there within,
In fire is life and light and peace
and flame to burn away all your ills
and heat to melt your tears all away
and forging to purify your soul;
Now, come and share your Master’s joy.

Image: Adèle Söderberg, Easter Card

From Dominicana Journal