Seeking Silence

Silentium est pater praedicatorum * I have so often sought for the silenceOf a star-lit sky shining without sound,But found the siren-shattered defianceOf the world blast and howl as barking hound. In darkened chapel’s gentle candle glow,Soul nodding along to … Continue reading

The Maid of Orleans

Who could have seen upon her little facethe pain that God’s great wisdom would allowFor this young maid, just dancing, filled with grace,bedecked with crowns and chains of daisies now.The gentle light of heav’n upon her brow,Her dark curls shine … Continue reading

Dulce et Decorum Est

Can we glorify death? The Roman poet, Horace, did. Celebrating stouthearted soldiers in his Odes (III.2), he wrote, “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori—Sweet and fitting it is to die for the fatherland.” His poem captured the hearts of … Continue reading

Harbinger of Flame

Go on, lead on to the fire,said the traveler on the way,eyes enkindled with the unforeseen hope,For the icy wind blows hardand the chill cuts to the bones;So onward to the warmth. Come in, come quick to the fire,boomed the … Continue reading

Even This Cannot Stop True Love

Love hopes all things, bears all things, endures all things, but is blind to nothing. True love sees the faults and failings of the beloved, yet bears them out of a love that pierces through daily annoyances, faults, and failings … Continue reading

Lecherous Stump

Lecherous stump of flesh, knotted, rotten, Twisted from thy flickering flirtations With lesser lovers, leaving frostbitten That sad little lump of palpitations. Withered lie thy dry leaves, O heart of mine, Deprived of all love’s life-giving waters, For thy lovers’ … Continue reading

Vapid Vice and Vivacious Virtue

A windswept forest on a cloud-covered night creaks, cracks, and moans, sending chills up and down the spine. Trees waving and wagging on their upward path have elbowed for the brightest spot in the sun. They’re intertwined. When the wind … Continue reading

At the Hedge

The Word of God, solitary, magnificent amid the vicissitudes of human history, turns to me, his face shining from his vision of the Father, and speaks to me. As in all human love, only more so, I am exposed; I … Continue reading

This April

This April, Spring’s familiar scents— Easter lilies, fresh mown fields, Mulch, warm rain on blacktop roads— Rise again from their winter sleep Stirring the lovely forgotten past Experiences of Spring. So all these childhood memories wake: Tired feet and grass-patterned … Continue reading

In the Fisherman’s Net

Not ours the wounds, the bloodied flesh, of those fire-tested ancient souls;Theirs the bones for grinding lion’s teeth to gnaw to living breadOr the blood to spell their credo, a sanguine testament witnessed boldlyAs fisherman’s inverted across the sea from … Continue reading


At last.Here look!See Love.Ye who do go conversing sad.Ye who see nowYour Lord drawing nearAnd yet see Him not.Ye for whom LoveHad died upon the gibbetDrowned in blood that dread Friday afternoonAnd all was thought lost. At last.Here look!See Love.Ye … Continue reading

The Stones Cry Out

Forged treasure found in rock.Fit to fashion a tray for a head. Not bread.Carved and trimmed, the finest for the finest king, or so they said.The sparkling-spined rim circumferencing a bloody brow.It gazes and glazes now.On journey. Rocks razed from … Continue reading


Nails Now place the nail, my lovely lad        and grip your hammer low;Now raise it high above your head,        and firmly strike your blow.Once more raise up your arm again        once more hit hard your steel,But mind your hand, let … Continue reading

The Light of the World

“The Light of the World” Why do you knock like a guest long forgotten?The door remains locked, its heavy frame rotten,While a tangle of vines adorns lintel and post.        I come to awaken my slumbering host. Why … Continue reading