Trust in the Resurrection

We cannot always understand when, why, or how God does what he does. He remains a mystery. If we understood completely every action or event that happens in our life, then our fallen nature might lead us to think that we don’t need God. Rather, we trust God to watch over us, to care for us, and to love us. We trust that God knows what is best for us and will reveal it to us in a way that has our eternal happiness in view. Trust in God gives us peace. There is peace in not having to understand everything he does.

I have often witnessed friends and family members be diagnosed with a serious illness. Instead of feeling despair, they often accepted their suffering with total trust in the Lord’s providence. Because of their trust, they found peace. They didn’t understand exactly why God allowed their illness, yet they trusted in God knowing that he has their ultimate happiness in mind. Trust in the Lord increased their faith and gave them peace.

We may or may not ever suffer from a serious illness, but in contemplating the mysteries of God’s providence we can grow in trust in God, which in turns leads to peace. Contemplating the mystery of Christ’s passion as an act of love made for mankind, increases our trust and gives us peace. Acts of trust give us peace and strengthen our faith in God’s love. The trust we have in the resurrection of Christ gives us peace. God raising Christ from the dead was another act of love done for us. Understanding completely how the resurrection happened is not necessary to trust in the mystery. We trust that one day he will raise us up to his heavenly kingdom. Trusting in the Lord’s mysteries is where we find peace and happiness.  

During the Easter season, take some time to revel in the mystery of Christ’s resurrection. Realize that he did it for you because he loves you and that you may not fully understand why, but that the mystery beckons you further in. Contemplate the mystery of Christ’s resurrection and respond to the Lord’s beckoning by saying thank you and I trust in you.

Photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. (used with permission)

From Dominicana Journal