Slipping Chains

Editor’s note: This is the eighth post in our newest series, reflecting on the Hillbilly Thomists’ recent, self-titled album. The series will run each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the Easter season. Read the whole series here. This post concerns the song “Steal Away,” which you can listen to here.

The song “Steal Away” is both a peaceful and invigorating song. The music melds with the lyrics to evoke the image of a summer thunderstorm. As you listen, you can almost feel it, can’t you? The warm, humid winds refreshing your tired spirit, the heavens opening up in a gentle downpour washing away your cares, all punctuated by rumbling thunder and flashing lighting stirring your heart. Through the storm, you seem to hear a voice:

Steal away from your failures and regrets. God is waiting to forgive you for whatever you’ve done wrong. Jesus has already paid the full ransom for you. The chains and fetters that once bound you can no longer hold you prisoner.

Steal away from your unbearable responsibilities and unaccomplishable tasks. Let go of your pride and your own strength so that in your weakness you can welcome God’s grace. Trade in your heavy load for the light burden of following Jesus.

Steal away to Jesus. He’s calling you. With thunder loud enough and lightning bright enough to break through everything that is distracting you from Him. The power in His voice is enough to make sinners tremble in dread, but to the sheep of His flock it is a comforting and reassuring voice.

Steal away from your worries and anxieties. God will provide everything necessary. Rest secure in the hope you have from Jesus. The hope of eternal life with Him. In this hope, find peace.

Steal away home. Jesus has prepared a room for you. He knows how long the road has been and how weary you are from travelling. Now He eagerly waits for you to join Him at the banquet He has laid out. You hear Him calling within your soul, “Pack your bags for heaven and leave behind what you can’t carry with you.”

You ain’t got long to stay here.

Image: Henry William Banks Davis, Approaching Thunderstorm, Flocks Driven Home, Picardy, France

From Dominicana Journal