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Should Catholic parents homeschool their children? What does the president of the University of Virginia think about political correctness on campus? Is gentrification good, bad, or ugly? How should one minister to those who experience same-sex attraction?

The Winter 2015 edition of Dominicana Journal tackles these and more tough questions with careful arguments, clear thinking, and theological and philosophical insight uncommon in today’s unsavory media world. In addition to “hot topics,” this issue also has a reflection on the Holy Family, a translation of a work by Bl. Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P., an article on authenticity, and a take on the original Hillbilly Thomist, Flannery O’Connor. In the rest of the issue, you’ll find book reviews, original poetry, and beautiful images, all of which can aid in your life of study and contemplation.

Dominicana Journal is now in the mail and online. If you haven’t already subscribed, this unique publication is available here at an affordable price. With your subscription, you also gain access to our archives. Enjoy!

Image: Hiroshige, Shrines in Snowy Mountains

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