The Subversive Shoot

Christmas is subversive. The eternal, immutable, transcendent, and all-good and powerful Triune God deigned to descend from the heavens and take on our very flesh. He was conceived in the womb of a virgin. Mary’s womb became a tabernacle wherein … Continue reading

Open Wide Those Doors

Forty years ago today, a clarion call rang from the celebrant’s chair in Saint Peter’s Square: “Do not be afraid. Open, I say open wide the doors for Christ!” With those resounding words—so familiar now to myriad Catholics across the … Continue reading

Apostle to the American Frontier

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, or so goes the saying. In these turbulent times of ecclesial crisis, a flashback to the early days of the Catholic Church in America—days in which plenty of tough folks faced … Continue reading