Augustine’s Belated Baptism

Sometimes we avoid the medicine because we don’t like to admit that we are sick. We look away, make excuses, or minimize the danger. Then, with a jolt, a shock bends us double, knocks us down and out. Finally, desperately … Continue reading

Untangling Vipers and Draining Venom

2019 Summer Reading Recommendations:Vipers’ Tangle by François Mauriac The human heart is a mysterious thing. As Scripture says, “More tortuous than anything is the human heart, beyond remedy; who can understand it?” (Jer 17:9). A tangled mess of loves, the … Continue reading

Seeking Silence

Silentium est pater praedicatorum * I have so often sought for the silenceOf a star-lit sky shining without sound,But found the siren-shattered defianceOf the world blast and howl as barking hound. In darkened chapel’s gentle candle glow,Soul nodding along to … Continue reading

Follow the Lamb

Glancing up from the riverbank, the Baptist “looked at Jesus as he walked, and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God!’” (Jn 1:36). His disciples understood the subtext: Follow the Lamb. Where, O Lamb, are you going, where do you abide? … Continue reading

The Filthy Feet of Jesus

Feet are filthy, smelly things. Makes sense; they take a beating. We walk on them all day, sweating in sneakers, bashing them on soccer balls, or stubbing them on stones or stairs. Blisters, bunions, and black toenails frequently bedeck our … Continue reading

The Colors of the World

Faith and Film Friday: The Scarlet and the Black Editor’s Note: This is the seventh review in our series, Faith and Film Friday. Read the whole series here. If I may lift a lyric from Les Misérables (the musical), “The … Continue reading

The Tongue of the Wise

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words wound hearts. A well chosen insult cuts to the core, searching out secret soft spots so that the fresh wound festers more than the former. How cleverly cruel we can be, delighting … Continue reading

Stony Souls

Saul stood by with a heart harder than the stones striking Stephen. Unconvinced by Stephen’s eloquent preaching, unmoved by his miracles, blind to his angelic countenance, blinder still to his burning love, the eyes of Saul’s soul, sealed shut by … Continue reading

Mother of Exiles

Sun flashing and gleamingon the shining sea     stretching far beyond the bridge.But my eyes strayed not so far out.Wreathed in light,     gentle foam lapping her island pedestal,          stands the American Colossus.From the rooftop thirty stories … Continue reading

The Gods of the Heathens

Popular Hollywood movies seldom express deep theological insights. The recent Wonder Woman film, while not exactly an exception to this rule, allows the opportunity to reflect a little on an incarnate god (light spoiler alert). The hero of the film, … Continue reading