2019 Summer Reading Recommendations

I recently listened to a podcast in which the show host offered a provocative description of a public building that is somewhat distinctive to the American landscape and ethos. He said that public libraries are “temples of sharing.” This initially … Continue reading

The River of a City

“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.” (Ps 46:4) Last Friday, a river gushed forth through the city of God. The steel point of the lance, bound to a wooden rod with simple cord, pierced … Continue reading

Benedicta a Cruce

Faith and Film Friday: The Seventh Chamber Editor’s Note: This is the eighth review in our series, Faith and Film Friday. Read the whole series here. Maia Morgenstern, some five years before starring as the Mother of God in Mel … Continue reading

Religious Sign Value

Just a few weeks ago, a man approached me as I marched with my brothers and sisters up Constitution Avenue. “Hey! I was curious … who are you guys?” Having commonly fielded this question, I answered, “We’re called Dominicans. We’re … Continue reading